MUMTAZ Marketing & Public Relations: your one stop shop for effective, innovative, and customized campaigns driven to meet your strategic needs

Let's be real. You're looking for results and we are committed to delivering them. We know our business, and we love helping our clients surpass their goals. With creative driven approaches we help brands build their presence. We understand that strategic details are the spark plug of great movements.

With a fresh pair of eyes, we ignite strategic thinking, develop unique and effective concepts, construct innovative strategies, and thrive on results based action. We build marketing platforms, innovative public relations strategies, and design experiences that ignite interest, inspire people, create excitement, and generate buzz. If you want something distinctive and refreshing, then erase the lines, throw away the box and experience MUMTAZ!

We've created a specialized niche for ourselves by thriving on details! Yes, there are strategic details too! We know that one size doesn't fit all. Working with our clients, we identify specific solutions and set a course of action to achieve those goals through marketing strategies, public relation campaigns, social media initiatives, meetings and events, and overall brand experiences.


Authentic. Accessible. Customizable. Bottom Line... we Deliver! 


If there is one word that can describe Joella Hopkins, it is "experiences." They are what drive her. Growing up living all over the world might have had something to do with her love of adventure, or perhaps it is her insatiable desire to fearlessly try everything at least once. With a tube of her favorite lipstick and an opportunity for exploration, there's no glass ceiling that she won’t shatter. Challenges don't sway Joella, they excite her and drive her to reach for more diverse and better solutions in order to overcome them.

She has taken her love of energy and excitement and coupled it with the thrill of experiences and funneled them all into MUMTAZ (celebrating its 12th Anniversary as a minority owned business). She and her team create unique brand experiences through strategic solutions and marketing campaigns which bring brands to life in exciting and meaningful ways. 

She has an extensive background in non-profit and association work through her many years working hand in hand with various Business Development, Membership, Marketing, Operations, and Accounting departments. She has learned there is a unique balance between managing staff, consultants, and volunteers in getting the job done from high level strategic planning sessions to building city-wide events for over 75,000 people. Joella has also navigated City Hall successfully, which is always a feat!    

Joella has earned a Master of Business Administration with a focus in Marketing in addition to several industry designations including the CSEP (Certified Special Event Professional) and CMP (Certified Meeting Professional). She is also currently working towards her CTA (Certified Travel Associate) designation. She has spoken at industry wide conferences on the subjects of Strategic Marketing, Small Business, and Special Events. 

When she is not working, you will find her on a diving trip to Cancun, zip lining in the Rain Forest or exploring the streets of Hong Kong as she travels on the adventure she calls life. One thing is for sure, and that is that she will accomplish everything she sets her mind to - one step at a time.