Our Top Five Marketing & PR Tips

We have our office filled with little reminders of inspiration and this includes key critical reminders to keep ourselves relevant. These are also the area where most of our client’s need the most support.  So, here they are – Our Big Five!

  • Ensure your Marketing Goals Support your Business Objectives

If they don't mesh, you will never find success. It's like two different ends of the same straw - one up and one down. Your marketing team must have defined business objectives to attain via their marketing strategies and tactics.

  • Know your Influencers – The Marketplace is Social

As we move forward into a different marketplace where Baby Boomers are exiting, Gen X are now the decision makers and trend is all about Millennials our marketplace is social. We've mixed business and pleasure... Know who influences your industry, sector, immediate market segment. Is Facebook dead in your world - or do you need to be on Snap? Who are those leaders with meaningful followers?

  • Create Content! Content is King!

Nobody wants to spend time reading about BS! Don't present BS as your face to the market. Take time to create meaningful content. People will wait for quality! Content is as valuable as your reputation - it is your reputation! Put out what you want people/consumers to think about your brand!

  • Keep your content focused on your target market

If you want to communicate to a certain target market ensure that you are producing a message that relates and speaks to them. What are your demographics saying, what metrics are you using, why are you presenting your brand this way? 

  • Communicate your Authenticity – Be Genuine

I'm not great at being fake... So, this is commonplace to me. In a world of niceties it's refreshing for a real genuine feeling that brands represent. You are the brand, live the brand, be the brand! We are an extension of the brands we are business owners of or represent. We always want our team to be MUMTAZ and nothing less!